Quick Twitter Example file


Download here

This is a quick example file for people who’ve been asking me for a Twitter example. Please be aware that I’m currently working on a Version 2 of the example files which when released, you will probably want to base your own files off of as opposed to this. The new example files will be a good bit different. The code is not commented, and I’m not going to be providing support for this.

To use, you need to have the OpenSSL libs for windows installed on your system.

Then just add a tweet widget to your layout xml file. If you’re using a tabbed layout, you could just add the following to it:

<tab name ="Tweet">
 <tweet id="twitter" x="10" y="10" width="380" height="60" picPath="twitter" />

Then, you need to click “Fetch Tweet” and wait for StreamControl to retrieve an Auth Token. In future versions of the program this will be done automatically. Then paste a¬†tweet link into the text box and click “Fetch Tweet” again. Once it says “Ok” you now need to hit save. The tweet should then appear in the SWF file.

Edit: If you experience crashes adding the file to XSplit, rename or remove the tweet.xml file.