StreamControl 0.3

This is a pretty big update. This is the introduction of data sets. Which in layman’s terms means the introduction of auto-completion. It also introduces a number of other useful layout objects such as checkboxes, scrollable tabs for large sets of data and the new tweet widget. Which allows you to retrieve a tweet by it’s URL and use it in your overlays.

StreamControl now has the ability to populate any number of fields based on the input of a “master” field. And all the data can be loaded from a CSV file. For example, one can have a CSV containing Player Name, Twitter and Country. When the player field is auto-completed with something from the database the twitter and country fields can be automatically filled with the relevant data from the database. Very useful and time saving feature especially for fighting game events where there can be hundreds of participants and the matches are short.

I’ve made a rough overview of some of the stuff you can accomplish using StreamControl 0.3 with the SEA Major 2013 overlays in this video.

I’ve also made some changes to the flag loading scoreboard to better suit the new version as well as made some HTML5 versions that work with the OBS Browser Source Plugin. So yes, StreamControl is now compatible with OBS! (Apparently it has been for some time. But it’s only been brought to my attention recently.) Unfortunately in my tests, rendering a browser window at 720p causes random crashes. And I’m not sure if that’s just me. So do let me know if you manage to get my overlays working at 720p. Source code included and feel free to base your own stuff off it. A proper tutorial for running my overlays in OBS will be coming soon.

Remember that if you plan to use the tweet widget you need to download and install the OpenSSL libs. The light version will do.

Also, I have a bunch more features planned. So stay tuned for more updates.

Download here