StreamControl is a simple program I put together in Qt (as a learning experience) to write an XML file for use with XSplit and it’s ability to use SWF files to display information. The default layout is specifically tailored for use with Fighting Game tournaments (since that is what I run and stream) but nothing is stopping you from using it for other purposes. It is fairly easy to make a layout for use with any kind of stream/event.  But if you have specific needs that the software cannot accomplish by itself you’re welcome to fork the software.


This software is Open Source and is available under a FreeBSD license.

GitHub Page

StreamControl Layout Documentation

Download (Current version: 0.3)

Simple Example SWFs (with source code. More complex examples with templates available below.)

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Beta version:

StreamControl 0 4b
StreamControl 0 4b
Version: 0.4b
4.5 MiB

(This is just the binary.)


0.3 - July 3 2013
Added rudimentary error checking
Radio buttons
Fix always on top
Add scrollable tabs
Add placeholder text to lineEdit
New tweet widget

0.2 - April 8 2013
Updated to Qt 5.01
Added always on top function (somewhat broken)
Prevent hiding of toolbar
New xml based layout system
New default tabbed layout (old layout available by loading)

First Public Version

More overlays with source

These are provided as is with no support. Code is uncommented and likely very hard to read. (A lot of these are made as one-offs. But I sometimes do interesting things with them so here they are.)

Generic Scoreboard
Just a generic scoreboard that supports best of 5 with it’s score pips. If you need to do anything larger than a best of 5 you can set rounds to 0 and just type scores in the player fields. Designed so it will not block the round markers in P4U. mText3 is the field used for the scoreboard label.

Uses League Gothic font.


Generic Scoreboard with Flags UPDATED
Now features HTML5 overlays for use with OBS and the Browser Source Plugin!

This is a modified version of the score overlay I used for the Singapore vs Taiwan SCV exhibitionThe first thing you need to do before using this is to copy the GoSquared folder (which contains the flags) to your XSplit directory. Which is in general “C:\Program Files (x86)\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit” (No longer applicable to XSplit 2.1, follow the same instructions as for OBS.)

(If you’re using OBS remember to change the XSplit directory under configuration to where you extracted the SWF or HTML overlays.)

After that, load scoreflags.xml as the layout file under StreamControl configuration. And enter either 2 character country codes or the names of countries into the country fields.

Again you can use the mText3 field to label your scoreboard.

Uses a cropped set of the GoSquared Flag Set and the Sansation font.


Generic Naruto Scoreboard
A generic Naruto themed scoreboard. Used to record an official Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 tournament. Uses keyframed animation. One of the reasons why I don’t use keyframe animation is because XSplit has a wrapper that changes the FPS of the SWF to some weird number like 45. You can remove this by removing the wrapper file but this will change the way you have to use StreamControl. It’s not really much harder but it’s somewhat annoying. In any case, despite having the framerate changed this set of overlays turned out quite well. Ideally, the stuff would be done in code but it seems fine as is.

Uses Earth’s Mightiest font.


Battlefield Fridays template and SWFs
This is what we use for Battlefield Fridays tournaments without the logos. The score pips are able to handle up to a first to 6 without looking too crowded with the current design. In theory you could modify the PNG and easily make it support as many as in the basic example SWFs.

Uses SF Comic Script font.


P4U themed overlays
This is a P4U themed overlay including source and PSD files. SWF files go on top of the PNGs. Special functions include being able to use the Misc 1 fields to denote extra information such as teams or Twitter accounts. mText3 can also be used to display extra info on the scoreboad such as tournament stage. By blanking the player names you can also hide the scoreboards on the main and half SWF files. Naturally will not block the round markers in P4U.

Uses Earth’s Mightiest font.


Videos of system in use

Video Tutorials

Basic Tutorial

Using StreamControl with the XSplit Title plugin

How to make StreamControl SWF files without knowledge of Actionscript


Q: Doesn’t this do the same thing as Jaxel’s 8WAYRUN XSplit Panel Writer program?

A: Yes and no. It does the same thing in the sense that it helps you update your overlays. However, what the Panel Writer software does is write images that XSplit will load. StreamControl is fundamentally different in that it writes an XML file containing all the data your stream needs. Which is then read by a Flash overlay in XSplit to do with that data whatever you need it to. This has the consequence of being a good amount harder to set up as you want than the 8WAYRUN software and being harder on the CPU than plain images which is what the Panel Writer deals with. The main benefit being your overlays being potentially much prettier to look at.

Q: Won’t this take up a lot of CPU?

A: It does, but if you already happen to be using any of XSplit’s built in SWF plugins, chances are you won’t see a large increase in CPU usage if at all.  Of course this does also depend on how complex your SWF files are. It’s worth noting that I frequently do 60FPS streams with this.

Q: Why is it called StreamControl?

A: Because that was what I thought I’d call it when making the initial prototype and never got round to thinking of a better name.

If you like this software, do consider making a donation. Many thanks!