On VF5 and SCV haters.

I made this part of a post in response to someone bringing up VF5FS and Sega as a paragon and balance and game support in comparison to SCV. And quite frankly if you’ve played VF in the past, you know that’s a fucking joke. The larger context is that France is debating a Viola ban in SCV and for whatever reason 8WayRun decided to frontpage it as news. If ever the people at 8WayRun ever come to their senses and unstickies it from the front page and maybe deletes the thread, I figure that this part at least is worth saving. If only because it’s something that’s brought up a lot in the FGC and it annoys the crap out of me. Here’s the thread if you happen to want to see me spew more vitriol.

And one more thing since people decided to bring up VF.

I fucking love VF to bits. So don’t think I’m talking bad about it.

I bet a bunch of people here are going to be like, “Yeah I’m just going to play VF. It’s a better game anyway.”

Why is it a better game? Because people keep repeating over and over how great it is? If you really sat down and thought about it SC and VF at this point are roughly 60% the same game mechanically. Except SC has a higher emphasis on spacing and has meter management.

It should then be noted, that a large percentage of Japanese VF players have picked up SCV and are playing it seriously. Don’t believe me? Just look at Evo. I don’t even need to go to a Japanese source for that. Do it. Go through the player list and find how many VF players are in there. Some of them have dropped other games and now consider SCV their main game.

I think all of us know for a fact that the Japanese are the best VF players in the world and there’s no way you can even begin to argue otherwise. So when the best VF players in the world seem to think SCV is The Fucking Shitâ„¢ whereas apparently there are a bunch of people who think SCV is just shit but VF5FS is amazing. I think you should stop. Think for a bit. And maybe, just maybe. Consider that you might be Full of Fucking Shitâ„¢. Think about it.